SkullTec Protection

Designed with the latest materials and technologies, SkullTec's patent pending head protection cap will absorb up to 25% of impact from contact!

Comfortable, washable, all-natural head protection fits comfortably under any helmet or easily worn without a helmet.

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  • SkullTec Head Protection
  • Reduces severity of impacts to head
  • SkullTec can be used for all sports

SkullTec Independent Laboratory NOCSAE Test Results

NOCSAE has been a leading force in the effort to improve athletic equipment and as a result, reduce injuries. The SkullTec is independently tested and all documentation is available. The impact was at 15 feet per second. Lab test based on NOCSAE (ND) 001-11m11, revised Jan. 2011

  • This test measures the severity of the impact on the brain and skull.
    • Without SkullTec - 491.7
    • With SkullTec - 376.1
    • Results: Up to a 25% reduction in severity of the impact
  • Resultant Acceleration tests on the helmet front.
    • Without SkullTec - 115.0 g force
    • With SkullTec - 87.3 g force
    • Results: Reduction of 28 g forces on front impact
  • Resultant Acceleration tests on the helmet side.
    • Without SkullTec - 84.6 g force
    • With SkullTec - 69.2 g force
    • Results: Reduction of 15 g forces on side impact

SkullTec Features

Protecting your body's most important asset.

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